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Monday, November 2, 2015

Isha Judd Foundation supporting children in Mexico City

The facilitators and students of the Isha Judd Foundation in Mexico City are doing a beautiful job at the house for children Aldeas Infantiles SOS MĂ©xico.

They have taught Isha Judd´s method for free to dozens of children, young people and have also worked with moms and the employees of this Institution. Every week they go and do the followup and support them to liberate their stress, their fears and to learn to be more loving from the inside out.

Some weeks ago they did a campaign to bring shoes to the house! So they spread the word around so everyone could support, it was great!
This week we went there and taught more or less 20 young children. We watched a beautiful and very deep movie, did some insight, seeing ourselves through the characters and talking about how to be better people with the circumstances of life.
Here you´ll see some pictures.

Thank you everyone supporting this beautiful project!

With much love
Isha teachers

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