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Sunday, October 21, 2007


The seminar in the prison went way beyond our expectations. Not only that, but it also went beyond the expectations of the authorities. We expected 600 inmates to assist, and 954 came, many of them having to sit on the stairs to fit in the auditorium. It was incredible. Their careful attention and receptivity were deeply moving, words cannot explain the feeling in the room. The prison directors felt it too, so much so that we have already confirmed another event with Isha's presence for next June.

The inmates who had already learnt the Isha System put a huge effort into helping us organize the event, and when we met them, we could see clearly in their eyes that they were unifying: they were shining, and you could feel their integrity, and when they had the opportunity to meet Isha, apart from the gifts and food they had prepared for especially for us, they took advantage of her presence to ask her questions, but not just any old questions: profound questions worthy of darshans. It was plain to see how much they had grown. I asked them to write their testimonies for us, and thanked them in advance, as thanks to their experiences, many other prisons in different countries are opening to share the System with the inmates. They agreed, saying that they wanted the world to know that they are experiencing freedom while in prison! They also asked to receive direct support, so we have organized weekly support meetings for them too. It is so wonderful to know they are wanting more.

You can imagine the tears falling down my face. What else can I say?! I think words cannot express more than I have already said.

We have just received confirmation that we have been invited to teach the System to 200 women in a prison in Santiago de Chile: the consciousness revolution continues expanding faster and faster!

I was saying to the teachers today that what I love is that we are such a freely moving foundation: we don't depend on anyone to organize our actions... as we don't receive financing for our outreach programs, but self finance everything through our public seminars, we are able to give and give without limits, move without limits and whenever we are invited somewhere, there is no need to wait, no bureaucracy to get in the way, and I love that freedom.

More to come soon

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Video! Extract from Isha's new DVD "Consciousness Revolution - Darshans I"

In this clip, Isha speaks about love of self and our tendency to seek completion in another. Isha explains that a fully conscious relationship is not based in need, but in unconditional love of self.

You can order the complete DVD online at www.isha.com