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Saturday, December 15, 2007


What is the relationship between the body and consciousness?

When we create separation, we have individual bodies and we perceive these bodies as being who we are, but they are not who we are. We are the totality of everything; every person, every body, every aspect of the entire illusion. We create separation and within this body, we program the separation, so that we vibrate on lower frequencies. We start to hold onto toxins, we start to record things in our hard discs that make our consciousness dense. We don’t experience the greatness of who we truly are. And then we start to heal the separation, and part of that is releasing and elevating the nervous system. So that’s why we remove the stress; that’s why we remove the toxins, so we can vibrate on a higher frequency, and when we start to vibrate on a higher frequency, we start to sustain permanent consciousness. Ultimately, the body is to create separation, so we can have this beautiful experience called the human experience, which we all love! As you know, in the first portal, the second judgment that we heal is that there is something wrong with my body; because it’s not true, there’s nothing wrong with this body – it’s perfect exactly as it is.

What is the difference between surrender and resignation?

Surrender comes from joy. It comes from a joy and a respect towards a higher consciousness. That’s surrender. Surrender wants something; it wants consciousness, and it admits to itself that it doesn’t know everything, that it’s seeing through a window that isn’t clean. So you surrender to a master, and it’s very hard for people to do that, because people have a perception or an idea of how the master should be. But all the masters are different; there is no formula, there’s just love. Different masters may serve in different ways, but they’re all leading towards the same point; towards self-realization; your self-realization. So one of the aspects of surrender is to the master. The other aspect is to the moment. You surrender to the moment, so that you’re not being plagued with control and fear and suffering, you just keep letting go and choosing for the love, letting go, choosing for the love. But you do it from a place of joy… why? So I can be more love. There has to be a point in my life where I let go of the control. If you want to experience absolute freedom, you have to surrender. That’s the key to enlightenment; surrender: you let go of your attachment; your need to be right, your control, your idea of how things need to look. You surrender from a place of innocence and you just keep letting go, letting go, letting go. If you want to self realize, it’s impossible without surrender. Surrender is the key to enlightenment. Surrender. So, you surrender with joy. It’s not passivity, it’s not like Oh well, this is my lot; no. It’s from a joy. Maybe I can’t see in this moment, but I will see. Or I express what I feel and I let it go; more surrender. I think you should be like this; and I let it go. More surrender. Surrendering all your ideas, all your belief systems, your need to be right, so you can experience the absolute. You know what the irony is? You can surrender to anything; anything. Because nothing can affect god. You can surrender to an idiot; it won’t affect you… it’s probably better not to, but you can, because nothing can affect you. You just keep letting go! What are we letting go of? The false “I”. The idea of who I think I am. I’m like that. You start letting go of that. That’s what holds you in a box, that’s what stops you from being the totality, from experiencing the totality. And that experience is impossible to conceive of intellectually. You cannot understand consciousness with your little head; it’s impossible. You just have to keep letting go. The key is surrender, and anyone can do it. If Durga did it, anyone can!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Horse riding during the Mega Intensive, "La I" Uruguay

Here are some photos of the group of students that went riding during excersise time, after unifying all day in "La I". They went out with Isha along the beautiful beaches of Costa Azul , on the gold coast of Uruguay.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It was wonderful today to share Isha's darshan live with a group of our students in Bogota, Colombia. Isha answered all of their questions, live. Here in Uruguay, we have over 130 students from around the world participating in the mega intensive, on saturday, we will be transmitting directly to Mexico, and we are organizing the same thing for other cities during the mega intensives of January and February.

Here are some photos of the students excersising, and the teachers showing off their new hats in the kitchen!


And the aerobics class in the tent led by Maitreya, with everyone having a great time trying to coordinate with the music! In the front, you can see Parvati's beautiful daugter, who is here for a visit from New York.

Every afternoon at 5pm, after practicing the consciousness excersise, some go to the tent to do aerobics, while others excersise in the morning chi kung class.

Today, a group are going out to ride horses down the beautiful beaches of Costa Azul and Bello Horizonte. They will be able to experience unifying in group whilst on horseback, a very special experience. Then they will stay at the ranch for coffee and cakes! I tested them the other day, and I assure you that they are quite delicious. Later I'll be posting more darshan: todays was great fun, really beautiful!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007



When we’re children, we perceive our parents as gods. Then we begin to see their humanity, and we start to pull them off their pedestals. We start to perceive them as people that limit us, control us, abandon us; there’s a multitude of things that we perceive as wrong with our parents. Sometimes it’s one parent, sometimes it’s both; it just depends. But gradually, they start to slip from their pedestal.
We go through stages: our parents are god, then they become awfully human and we start to blame them for all of our shortcomings, all our problems. We start doing therapy, we start to try and heal the mother within us and the father within us, and we start to create our parents outside. It’s true, isn’t it? We marry our parents, we give birth to our parents, we go to school with our parents; in fact our parents are everywhere. Because our parents represent the initial separation; the initial separation from unconditional love. That love that is so complete within itself, it wants for nothing. That love; that love. We spend our whole lives looking for that. And of course, as you’re starting to realize, the irony is, we are that love. That love is in you and we’re coming home to that love now. That’s why you’re here.
How do I come home to that love? I focus on it; I focus on the love. And then I start to express the resentment, the disillusionment, the abandonment; all of the different aspects that I judge out here, and in my head. I express them to let them go and I see them everywhere. This is a process that takes time, but it’s a very short period of time if you do this system 100%. Not just the keys; they’ll take you so far, but they’re not going to give you absolute freedom. There are other aspects of consciousness which are equally as important, and those aspects form the Isha System. Removing our masks, being vulnerable, opening ourselves to receive love. These are all things that are so difficult for humans t do, because we are always protecting ourselves, guarding ourselves; we don’t trust other people. Why not? Because we’ve been taught not to: through our life experiences we have created separation. We’ve created the vulnerability of the human experience. It’s our creation, although it doesn’t feel like it is. We feel that god is like a puppeteer, and we’re like marionettes that are dancing. But we’re not controlling the strings. We think there’s someone else controlling the strings, and we feel like victims to our circumstance, to our experience. We become victims. But none of it is true. You created everything. You created you parents, you created your dramas, you created your separation, you created your abandonment… you created everything so that you could be human.


What is being real?

Just to remove your masks, to feel your emotions, to express your judgments. This is a great environment, because here everyone is playing the same game. We all create our parents everywhere, our schoolteachers everywhere, our children everywhere! They’re everywhere. You’re going to create them coming to you, and you’re going to be able to express, and you’re going to be able to let go, and you’re all going to be playing the same game, because you’re all focused on giving to each other. Is it easy? No, it takes courage. But it takes courage to be free. To be passive, to stay the same; that’s easy, but ultimately, the masks have to go. They have to go. You have to speak the truth. You have to be real, with the desire to let go. Not to change the outside; just to let go. I express this to let go. Then the love grows. I express this to heal the separation, then the love grows. Why? Because it’s an illusion. Everything is you. Everything is me. You love some parts of yourself, and other parts you don’t love, but you will; you’ll love it all, but from your heart, not intellectually. From your heart.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Video extract from Isha's new DVD: Darshan II

On a recent trip to Puerto Madryn in the south of Argentina, the incredible scenery left us open-mouthed. But it was the presence On a recent trip to Puerto Madryn in the south of Argentina, the incredible scenery left us open-mouthed. But it was the presence of the majestic right whales that truly took our breath away.
Isha was so inspired by their power and presence that she decided to create this DVD, "Darshan II", presenting these beautiful creatures together with some of the best moments of her discourses about consciousness, accompanied with sprinkles of her heartfelt music.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


The seminar in the prison went way beyond our expectations. Not only that, but it also went beyond the expectations of the authorities. We expected 600 inmates to assist, and 954 came, many of them having to sit on the stairs to fit in the auditorium. It was incredible. Their careful attention and receptivity were deeply moving, words cannot explain the feeling in the room. The prison directors felt it too, so much so that we have already confirmed another event with Isha's presence for next June.

The inmates who had already learnt the Isha System put a huge effort into helping us organize the event, and when we met them, we could see clearly in their eyes that they were unifying: they were shining, and you could feel their integrity, and when they had the opportunity to meet Isha, apart from the gifts and food they had prepared for especially for us, they took advantage of her presence to ask her questions, but not just any old questions: profound questions worthy of darshans. It was plain to see how much they had grown. I asked them to write their testimonies for us, and thanked them in advance, as thanks to their experiences, many other prisons in different countries are opening to share the System with the inmates. They agreed, saying that they wanted the world to know that they are experiencing freedom while in prison! They also asked to receive direct support, so we have organized weekly support meetings for them too. It is so wonderful to know they are wanting more.

You can imagine the tears falling down my face. What else can I say?! I think words cannot express more than I have already said.

We have just received confirmation that we have been invited to teach the System to 200 women in a prison in Santiago de Chile: the consciousness revolution continues expanding faster and faster!

I was saying to the teachers today that what I love is that we are such a freely moving foundation: we don't depend on anyone to organize our actions... as we don't receive financing for our outreach programs, but self finance everything through our public seminars, we are able to give and give without limits, move without limits and whenever we are invited somewhere, there is no need to wait, no bureaucracy to get in the way, and I love that freedom.

More to come soon

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Video! Extract from Isha's new DVD "Consciousness Revolution - Darshans I"

In this clip, Isha speaks about love of self and our tendency to seek completion in another. Isha explains that a fully conscious relationship is not based in need, but in unconditional love of self.

You can order the complete DVD online at www.isha.com

Monday, September 17, 2007

Some words from Isha

"There is nothing more fulfilling than uncondtional love of self, and when we experience it we can extend it to every aspect of our creation. When we love ourselves unconditionally, all the fear dissapears, and you experience union with everything. It isn´t a subtle experience, it is total. it´s the greatest thing that can ever happen to a human."

Isha simply teaches people to love themselves: "We all know we have to love others, but how can we truly love another if we are incapable of loving oursleves? Self love is not selfish or arrogant, it is the base of a truly healthy and complete relationship with life and with the world."

"Unconditional love of self allow everyone to achieve absolute freedom. It is the greatest gift I can give to anyone: to allow them to have their own experience. To allow them to have their own full expression of humanity. To allow them to enjoy the roller coaster of life in all of its diversities and contrasts."

May these words dance in your heart today. I imagine many of you were like us on friday, waiting for the interview, which unofrtunately never appeared, but we have been told it will be airing tomorrow (Tuesday) in the evening news on CNN en EspaƱol, at 10pm in argentina. for local times, visit http://www.cnn.com/espanol/ and look for "Panorama Mundial" in the evening slot.

Big hugs until next time

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Visiting the womens prision in Buenos Aires

Later I will post some photos of our visit, and the article from "La Nacion", but for now I want to share with you some of the wonderful experience we had yesterday.

We met with a group of pregnant women in the prison. They listened with interest, some of them recognizing Isha from the television and all very enthusiastic: in November we will give the seminar to them all. They agreed to spread the word to the other inmates who couldn't join us, to encourage them to come in November. The prison administration received us and showed us the kindergarten for the children of the inmates: around 70 from newborns to four year olds, and they have a complete school with childcare facilities and playground. When we arrived, they were in the middle of a puppet show, and it was truly moving to witness the tenderness and care of their teachers. This was the general impression I got from all of the staff: it is an impressively modern institute, where even the cells have a homely feel, each one decorated with curtains and the babies cots. The inmates are with their children until they are four, then they are handed over to their families and come to visit their mothers for the rest of their term. They have a system to minimize the trauma of this situation, but of course, it is. It is very different to what you imagine a prison to be, you can feel the intention to create wellbeing.

We were told that there are many foreign inmates. Most were convicted for drug trafficking or sale, and they provide many programs to try and create alternatives, though the director told us that as most have fallen into this crime due to the scarcity of employment options, often upon leaving the prison the hardest thing for them is to find work.

Isha spoke about how this could change when they learn the system, and feel that they can really create, from a place of self love and love for their lives, whatever they desire, the best for themselves, for they often feel that they do not deserve, causing them to fall once and again in the same patterns, confirming that they are unworthy, incapable or whatever their mental limitations tell them.

The director told us that recently they were visited by a Spanish foundation that provides work for the prisoners who finish their term, training them before and the results are excellent: it is working very well in Spain and it would be wonderful it a similar foundation could be created in Argentina. Surely there will be people who will put their hearts into action to find the way to bring this into being.

Some of the staff will be with us this weekend learning, they are very excited and expressed deep gratitude. Isha told them how we function, and how we self finance all of the social service programs we that we offer to the community in so many different ways.

When we left, the reporters from “La Nacion” were waiting for us and write a beautiful article, then we had to return to BA, where the reporter of “Gente” magazine was waiting for us. We had a very connected and attentive interview with him

More soon



Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunset at "La I"

Just wanted to share yesterday's sunset with you all...

Today we have a busy day, for the first time since renovation has begun, Isha, Sankara and I will be visiting the site of the new center here in Buenos Aires.

Then we will be visiting the Ezeiza womans prison, where we will be giving some newspaper interviews. One with "La Nacion" which will come out tomorrow (Tuesday) and then with "Gente" magazine, which will come out next week.

More soon

love to all

Saturday, September 8, 2007

With love from a very humid Buenos Aires

Hello all, here I am in Buenos Aires sharing some of Isha's words from the other day...

"The intellect always wants control. It wants to box something, it wants to control something; it wants to put everything in order, because then it feels comfortable. You can tell humans anything, and even if they don't understand, it will appease their minds - it's like, Oh, ok, ah. That's why humans like belief systems - because they want to hold onto something, because they need to have an intellectual idea about how everything is. Consciousness has nothing to do with that. If someone tries to teach you about consciousness, it's not consciousness. It's experiential; love is experiential. God is experiential. It's beyond the intellect - that's why we have religions and bibles and torahs, because someone is trying to explain that which is impossible to explain, through a mind based in duality. Why doesn't it work? Because what they are trying to describe is union. But the mind is desperate; it has to understand, it has to understand, it has to understand; it's impossible.
When we start to let go of the intellect, and we start to anchor in the experience of consciousness, we finally find permanent security. Why? Because consciousness is perpetual; it doesn't change. It's always there - it just grows. It's the only place where we can find true fulfillment, because it's real. It's an energy. It's infinite."

Beautiful, isn't it? I don't know if you have all read "Consciousness Revolution" but from some of your comments, I see that some of you are not familiar with the richness of these conversations Isha shares with her students. If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it, it's the kind of book you will want to have always close to hand, so you can open it at any time in any place, however you are feeling, and you will receive the clarity you need in that moment. Isha speaks to the heart; every one of us is unique, but Isha's words speak to all of our hearts. When you listen to her, it is impossible to interpret her words with the intellect, because her words cause a short circuit; only the heart can understand, and the heart says, yes.
You can always find her book on amazon.com it's definitely an experience worth having.

Here in Buenos Aires wonderful things are getting ready to happen, I already mentioned some of them... there is so much enthusiasm from the people signed up for Isha's seminar, and when next weeks article comes out in La Nacion, it will be much greater. Not everybody knows about the social work Isha and her teachers do through our foundation, unless they go into our section on the website, but the amount of work we do is extensive. The media often reflects the more superficial aspects of our work, or the most sensationalist, but they are now beginning to take greater interest in our social work, which is wonderful. The next few months are going to be very special in this aspect: just the other day we received a request from the inmates in Mexico City who are practicing the system, requesting to meet with Isha and share their experiences of inner growth. So beautiful!
In the last conference we gave in Mexico, a young man came up to us to get his book signed, and proudly told me that he had learnt the system when he was in prison. He told us that he had been freed that monday, and that he was coming on the weekend to repeat the seminar with Isha! It gives me goosebumps and tears come to my eyes when I remember it... it is such an example of the potential for change that is available to us all: to leave that life and live things anew, with a totally different inner experience... and every one of us feel like prisoners in some aspect, yet it is possible to experience freedom within our hearts, ad from there, in everything.

Well that's all for today, I'll leave you now as I have alot to do...

Friday, September 7, 2007

Early morning in Carrasco


These last few days have been full of activity, With meetings and so many things happening that I haven't had time to write, but it's such a pleasure for me to share the latest news with you all. The other day we had a lovely television interview in Montevideo. It was nice to find out that the producer who had organized the interview receives our blog, and when the program was over he came up to thank us and Isha gave him a copy of her book. I'm sure he is enjoying it and will surely join us in the next seminar in "La I", on the 29th and 30th of september.

Right now it's 6.30 am and I'm in Carrasco Airport, having a cup of tea while I wait for my flight, which has been delayed a couple of hours. I'm taking advantage to catch up with all of you. On the way here the taxi driver was telling me how important our presence has been for the region, and what a special and privileged place we chose to build our center. He asked me what it was like when we moved from Santa Marta, Colombia, and it was such a distant memory for me: it was incredible, as if we have always been here!

And just like we were saying the other day to one of the local authorities from the Endurance racing Association, Isha chose this spot thanks to her horses. Crestula and Merlina (Isha's stallion and my mare) were living in the "La Perseverancia" horse stud, here in Costa Azul, and we came to visit them whenever we could. It turned out that one day, galloping down the beach, we past an old abandoned hotel whose melancholy state left a distant trace of forgotten grandeur, and we wondered aloud, hmmm... I wonder if it's for sale? We began to ask around. Our time at Santa Marta was coming to an end: there was no more space for growth, the place was too small by that point and the rent was going up steadily, and we found out that yes, it was available. From then on, everything continued flowing more and more. And here we are!

Today a magazine called Mujer Unica is coming out in Buenos Aires, with an interview with Isha. I'm not sure if anything else is coming out over the weekend, but on monday morning we have a tv show with Carmen Barbieri, she is adorable! Maybe this time she will learn the system, and then, I just received confirmation last night that we will go to give a conference in the womans prison in Ezeiza, in preparation for the seminar Isha will give there in November, and Gente Magazine and La Nacion Newspaper are going to be there to interview Isha. Fantastic! It's wonderful that the media is supporting this work, and how wonderful it is when human beings, no matter where they are, are open to inner change.

Isha also received and invitation from a Venezuelan magazine do be a columnist, I'll tell you more about that soon...

We have had lots of meetings over the last few days, focusing alot on the TTs, who together with the people who are doing our six month self healing course are very focused, committed to lovingly healing everything that keeps them from happiness, from loving themselves and experiencing peace, and they are all growing so much. It's beautiful! Sometimes tears flow spontaneously down my cheeks, when they make important shifts or healing something deep. It's like watching a seed growing into a flower in an instant, so radiant!

Here I am going to share with you something that Isha was sharing in these meetings.

"You have to be focused, or else you can keep doing the same thing for eternity. It's about choices, it's not about the keys. The keys are the instruments that bring everything up to the surface, but the choices are yours. You can use the keys for eternity, but not make choices to surrender, to enlighten. Make no mistake: surrender is the key to enlightenment. No one wakes up without surrender. And the surrender is to consciousness. I surrender what is left of myself to consciousness. Because I don't need my "self", I don't need the limitation. I don't need the things that hold me small when I want to unify with everything. It's a focus; it's a focus… or else it's a waste of time. It's just more of the same in a different outfit. Not many people can do this. I don't thing anywhere in the world there is something as difficult as this, nor anything as precious as self-realization. But it's a focus, and you have to have a desire, a passion, and your focus has to be inwards, not on external things."

Isha was sharing this with the teachers trainees and her older teachers, emphasizing the importance of desire and the passion of the heart to embrace the truth, unconditional love, and how it is so big that it unites you with everything and it consumes you, and the peace and joy are so huge and so absolute, that the freedom you experience is impossible to describe. It was a moment of great intensity, great love.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll be able to continue tonight from Buenos Aires.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our trip to see the Whales


We have just got back to "La I" in Uruguay, after a wonderful trip to visit the whales in the south of Argentina. We spent two nights in Punta Delgada, the extreme southeast corner of the Valdes Peninsular: a truly beautiful place, with a warm, cozy and impeccable hotel and wonderful service. We were the only guests during our stay, and upon arrival we went straight down to the beach to visit the elephant seals.
On our way, after leaving Puerto Madryn, we already had reserved a small boat manned by "Chocolate" (Jorge), with Jorge Schmidt tours in Puerto Piramides, in hope of filming the whales breaching. We were lucky enough to capture that and much more. It was an ecstatic hour spent in the presence of these marvelous beings, these incredible gifts. The images we compiled will be used in Isha's next video clip, which promises to be something special.

Another thing we enjoyed on our trip were the artesian chocolates from Bariloche, which of course we couldn't get enough of.

So here is a sneak peak at one of the whales jumps for you to enjoy.

That's all for now...

with love


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Big news: Durga to take over Blog posts

Thanks to the huge success of her Spanish blog, following Isha's steps as she shares her message of enlightenment with the world, Durga, Isha's personal assistant for the last six years, will be writing the posts in this blog from now on. We look forward to hearing your responses, and are sure you will enjoy it as much as the thousands of students who are visiting the spanish blog daily to get the latest news on Isha's progress and the Consciousness Revolution.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Isha's new video podcast!

We are pleased to present the first episode of Isha's new video podcast, which you can watch on your ipod. This first video is an introduction to Isha teachings. you can download it here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Isha to Collaborate with Mexican Prison Administration to Reduce Stress in Prisoners

After a highly effective pilot program, praised by the Mexican newspaper "La Reforma" for having successfully reduced violence amongst inmates, Isha has been invited by the administration of the "Reclusorio Varonil del Oriente", one of the largest high security prisons in Mexico City, to teach the Isha System to 700 inmates in October 2007.

Watch this space for updates on the event!

New Video on YouTube

Now you can enjoy Isha without Spanish translation in this new introductory video to her teachings...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Isha interviewed in "What is Enlightenment" Magazine

Look out for Isha's impacting contribution to the Summer 2007 edition of "What is Enlightenment" Magazine.

As one of a group of modern female leaders interviewed for the feature article "What Is Liberation for Women Today?", Isha shares her vision of union through unconditional love of self. You can listen to part of her answer here.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Take a Virtual Tour of "La I" Uruguay, Isha's new international center for the expansion of consciousness

This is a short video taking you through the expansive interiors of La I Uruguay, with Isha speaking of what the new center means to her. As you will see, she is deeply moved when she speaks about her teachers, as tears of emotion fall down her face.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

- I have heard you say that love is the thief who puts the knife to your throat. How can I see love in that? I don’t understand.

You can’t; you can’t understand it. It’s impossible, I know.

But I know that it is not real. I know that it’s love. I know that everything is love. I know that everything is taking us back home, to ourselves.

All suffering, all injustice, everything we perceive as wrong, is giving us this human experience. It’s perfect exactly as it is.

I’m not saying that we don’t want the world to change; of course we do. And as we elevate our consciousness, everything that is based on a low vibrational level, like that example that I used, will start to fall away, to disappear. They will not be able to exist in the presence of love.

Just yesterday, a journalist told me a story about that:

Once there was a thief, who stepped onto a train full of people while it waited in a station. He had a revolver, and the passengers were terrified. They all dropped to the floor when he ordered them to. He then commanded them to hand over all of their valuables, threatening to kill anyone who disobeyed. As everyone fished awkwardly in their pockets, one of the passengers - a monk - asked him gently,

“Why are you doing this?”

The monk’s sincere gaze moved the thief. He sat down by his side and began to tell him his story. He had lost his job, he had no money to feed his family and he lived in a very poor village. As he told everyone his pains, he broke down and began to cry. He put down his gan as he wiped away his tears.

Everyone on the train gave him money.

Love is always bigger.

People are always just looking for love.

Sometimes we do the strangest things, the most violent things, but they are actions that come from fear; the fear of losing something. The fear of losing love. The source is always the same.

It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you have gone through in your life, you can always return home, to the love. Always. You just need to make that choice.

We all have the same consciousness, all of us. We have had different educations, different economic situations, different opportunities, but we can always create what we need to come back home, to ourselves. That is what everyone wants in the end. That is why we are all here.

You want something.

You want to find something.

All humans want to find something.

And do you know what it is?