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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Letting go of limiting beliefs

Greetings from “La I”, Uruguay! Here on this chilly Sunday morning, people are arriving to finish the seminar they started yesterday with Satya.
Here’s a little gift for you all, from Isha:

In this extract from a recent discourse, Isha speaks of the illusory security we derive from our belief systems, and how that changes through the expansion of love-consciousness.

"For all of our lives, we’ve been following a set of rules. We know how to behave, how to proceed, how to break the rules and how to conform with them. We’ve been programmed not to break the rules. We feel comfortable, we feel secure if we have a set of belief systems. If we have to find the answers for ourselves, that takes responsibility, and most people don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives. That’s why we want leaders; we want people we can follow, and then when we’re not happy, we can blame them, because we are not taking responsibility. The seed of consciousness is absolute responsibility, because consciousness shows you that you’re the creator, that you create everything in every moment, and there’s nothing to blame on the outside; your joy, your happiness, your freedom, your choices, your responsibility, and consciousness shows you that. People sometimes want to avoid that reasonability, because it’s much easier to be passive, to conform, and to blame other people.
Consciousness has the courage to stand alone, because it loves itself more than anything else, and it’s that courage that provokes change, that provokes evolution. Evolutionaries provoke change. They don’t just passively conform."

Friday, June 27, 2008

Isha's latest book to be published in USA in November

I'm delighted to announce that Isha's latest book, "Why Walk When You Can Fly?" will be published in the US in November!

From amazon.com:

In the book, Isha uses parables, moving stories, and humor to impart essential truths and help readers find happiness, fulfillment, and peace. Noted teacher Isha speaks of the Isha System, which is based on four “facets”: first is embracing the moment; second is accepting what is, without judgment; third is loving oneself and others unconditionally; and fourth is being one with the universe. Isha offers gentle, persuasive guidance, while her practical strategies show how to incorporate the Isha System into even the most hectic schedule.

Now available for pre-order on amazon.com

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New video: Isha speaks about the law of attraction

In this video extract from her latest DVD, Darshan III, Isha speaks about the law of attraction. She explores the benefits of thinking positiviley and then goes one step further, inviting us to go beyond and anchor our inner experience in love of self.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Isha returns to Mexican high security prison

on the 6th of June, 2008, Isha again taught 1,000 inmates the Isha System in her second event at the "Reclusorio del Oriente". In this video, prison officials talk about the changes they have seen in the inmates who learnt last year, noting a marked reduction in violence between prisoners.

Isha on iTunes!

Isha's latest album, "Guru Cool" is now available on iTunes. Click on the album cover below to visit the store and listen to free samples.

You can leave a comment on the page as well!

Isha - Guru Cool

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Isha System Radio Interview, Radio Imagen, Mexico City

A teacher of the Isha System was interviewed by Ana Maria Salazar for the English language radio news program, Imagen News.

Mexico City, Tuesday May 27, 2008