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Sunday, August 16, 2015

One Month program in the Isha Center Mexico

So the one month process is finished! It was a wonderful time of a lot of growth, openness, removing fears, masks and protections and even more to expand the love within, creating connections, expanding the joy, being more responsible of our consciousness in every moment, giving and receiving. We say good bye with all the love in our hearts, but of course we´ll be in touch!

First week with Isha and everyone that came to this beautiful sharing.

Their acting was great! 

Lets play! 

Daily Messege

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Daily Messege

A kid asks his grandfather: "Grandpa, which is the secret of life?". The old's man face smiles while he answers: "within us all is as if he we have two wolves fighting. One of them is ambitious, always protecting it's territory, with anger and resentment; it is fearful and controlling. The other is focused on the love, joy and peace, it is adventurous and playful"
The kid full of curiosity asks: "But, which one will win the fight?"
And the old man answers: "The one you feed"