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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Isha and the Olympics

I just wanted to share Isha's words on the Olympics from a meeting we had on Monday...

"Every time I watch the Olympics and someone wins a medal, I cry. Every time. It doesn't matter what country they come from; I see their excellence, and that is what moves me. Even if they don’t win a medal, the amount of focus required just to get to compete in the Olympics is an inspiration.

You can be that excellence in your consciousness, because you’re doing it for you. That's the greatest thing: it’s not to receive approval; it’s for you, totally for you. I will be the greatness of who I am for me. I will be excellent for me, so I can love myself beyond anything. That's a great inspiration, and nothing brings you more reward than that. No amount of adulation; it’s when you’re giving your best for you. That is better than any gold medal."

...Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Masaru Emoto just finished reading the Japanese version of "Why Walk When You Can Fly?" Which is going to be published in September. Here's what he had to say about it...

"The facets explained in this book vibrate on an enlightened level of being, and provide a practical way to apply the findings of my research: that the nature of our thoughts profoundly affects our experience of life. In "Why Walk When You Can Fly?", you will learn a simple system to go inwards and begin to transform your perception, from one based in fear, to one based in love and unity in the present moment."

-Masaru Emoto
Author of The Hidden Messages in Water

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay


I know I promised to have these up earlier, but things have been pretty crazy!

Here are some photos of the seminar in Paraguay last weekend, what beautiful people the Paraguayans are. Straight from the heart.

In this last photo are all the students who supported us in the event. Heartfelt thanks to all of you!

Next stop was Iguazu falls:

On the border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, this truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The "Garganta del Diablo" falls (devils throat) are the most breathtaking experience.

Then onto Posadas, on the edge of Argentina.There, Isha was greeted by the Vice Governor of the state, who practices the Isha System and organized this conference in a local prison:

Isha sharing her experience with the inmates
Here, some inmates who have now gone free, came to thank Isha for her support, and share the changes they found in their lives. Very moving words!

The Vice Governor, Prison System Director and Isha

Preparing to donate books to the prison library

Here the Vice Governor of Misiones State, Dr. Sandra Gimenez, shared her experience and support for the Isha Foundation Educating for Peace.
Isha shares with the inmates, and gives thanks for the invitation (Durga translating next to her!)

Local media in front of the prison

And finally, the weekend retreat in Posadas, Argentina:

Here, students asking questions. Visnu from Buenos Aires
Above and below, Anastacia from Mendoza

And here Bodhi from Tucuman.

Meanwhile, the darshans were streamed live to our centers in Mexico:

And of course, "La I" Uruguay:

(I'm the one at the front with the red hood!)
Here in La I, we also had a farewell party for Usas and Vaivasvat, a Mexican couple who are just finishing their 6 month retreat with us:

That's all for now! I'm going to write up a beautiful description Isha gave about the commitment and excellence that the Olympics inspire in humanity. It'll be on soon, I promise!

Love to all of you


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Isha in Paraguay

Hi everyone!

Here are the photos of last nights event, a beautiful conference with an incredible public.
This photo above is from after the conference, and below one of the students sharing his experience with the public: Arturo, a lawyer who healed his panic attacks through the System.
Here, Isha signing books, and Durga caught with her mouth open!

More autographs... the conneciton with the public was very special
Here Nunila and Rajani, as they welcomed Isha onto the stage
And here Isha giving the conference, with over 500 people

A connected, attentive audience

Thanks to our wonderful students, for your passionate support; it's incredible how we are all growing together.

Here more interviews in the local media

I'll leave you now with all my love. Tomorrow I'll tell you about the Seminar.