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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Isha on KPFK radio today!

Dear Listener,

Are you looking for peace of mind during the holidays? Or all year round? Do you know who you really are? What does unconditional love really mean?

Please join me today when my guest, Isha, describes her method to help you embrace your own humanity, heal judgment, and learn to love yourself. Her book is "Why walk when you can fly?" www.isha.com

Inner Vision is at 1:00 PM on 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara and streaming live on the web at www.KPFK.org

Please remember to check out the KPFK AUDIO ARCHIVES where all of the shows are stored for 90 days in various formats for your listening pleasure and convenience!

Warm regards,

Dr Nita

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Isha speaks: bulimia and anorexia and healing the root cuase

Here is a clip from yesterdays Darshan, where Isha speaks about the root cuase of eating disorders and how to overcome them through the expansion of consciousness.

We are now right in the middle of the mega intensive here in Uruguay. Today's Darshan was fantastic, here are some photos:

Each question asked by the students opens the opportunity for Isha to respond with brightness and humor, blinding diubt for a moment and catching fears off guard, embracing everything in love.
Thanks Isha and all of those who are here with us.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Megas, movies and memories

As the teachers arrive home from their tours throughout Latin America, we are preparing for the first mega intensive of the Uruguayan summer. We are almost all here now, and will spend the next four months together, diving ever deeper into love-consciousness and supporting the hundreds of students who will come to spend their vacations with us in doing the same.

Isha left today for Paysandu, a beautiful province in Northwest Uruguay, endless horizons of virtually untouched rolling countryside. There we will begin filming for Isha's first movie, based on the teachings of "Why Walk When You Can Fly?".

On Monday the mega intensive begins. Over 120 students will arrive from around the world to participate in this seven day event, during which Isha will be giving daily darshans. These events are a highlight of the year for us; an opportunity to share on a deeper level with some of the most committed students of the Isha System. To accompany them through their journey of inner transformation is truly amazing.

For those of you in Oregon, Watch out for Isha's interview on More Good Day Oregon Tomorrow (Friday December 11th) at 9am PST.

And on Saturday at 3pm PST, those in San Jose can watch Isha's interview with Janice Edwards, on Bay Area Vista.

Below I am posting some more photos from Isha's US tour, and also some images of the seminar she gave in Buenos Aires a few weeks back.

With love


In Vancouver, here is Isha with Laura-Lynn after their lovely interview for "The Daily" Show. Look out for the second half of the interview, which will be aired on January 14th 2009!

Here are some photos from Isha's visit to Sonoma, where she was interviewed by Judy Brooks for her PBS show, Healing Quest. The interview will air 2009... I'll keep you posted!

Here's a shot of the public at Isha's lovely conference in Corte Madera, the last conference of the tour!

And here a beautiful public in Buenos Aires for Isha's weekend seminar:

Monday, December 1, 2008

Photos of US tour

Here are some pics from the November tour, I'll be putting more up in the days to come.

Conference in New Renaissance books, Portland:

Conference Mountain View, CA:

Book signing after the conference:

Isha with Janice Edwards, presenter and producer of Bay Area Vista, NBC television San Jose:

interview with Brooke Carlson for Good Day Oregon TV, Portland, OR:

Conference Santa Cruz:

Isha and Kim Corbin, our adorable publicist from new world library:
Fast Track to health radio: Isha with host Len Saputo