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Friday, June 27, 2008

Isha's latest book to be published in USA in November

I'm delighted to announce that Isha's latest book, "Why Walk When You Can Fly?" will be published in the US in November!

From amazon.com:

In the book, Isha uses parables, moving stories, and humor to impart essential truths and help readers find happiness, fulfillment, and peace. Noted teacher Isha speaks of the Isha System, which is based on four “facets”: first is embracing the moment; second is accepting what is, without judgment; third is loving oneself and others unconditionally; and fourth is being one with the universe. Isha offers gentle, persuasive guidance, while her practical strategies show how to incorporate the Isha System into even the most hectic schedule.

Now available for pre-order on amazon.com

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