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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Testimony from Sweden

About two months ago I downloaded the movie and started using the four sentences that Isha teaches, right away. At first I thought I had to translate them into my own language Swedish, to make them truly effective - but how I tried, I could not find a formulation that felt good, was smooth and strong. So I just went along with it in english, and about two weeks later noticed that my interaction with people was changing. I was so much more relaxed, open, unfearful, there was no reservations, no critical feelings but much more joy! And later still, I opened up to my own creativity, very naturally and found that instead of longing, dreaming, beeing frustrated and full off anxiety- I was actually DOING! And there was no drama in this, it was all so very easy and joyous.

I am 55 and have been "conditioning" myself since I was about 18 - and I have never experinced anything so freeing and powerful. My creativity has always eluded me, like a hidden gem, gleeming at the bottom of a well. In periods I have been there, close - but always full of doubt and fear. And now I feel I could acually pick it up, and embrace it - not watching it but beeing a part of it. Or it in me.

I am deeply thankful for this.

Please take this to Isha.


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