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Saturday, September 8, 2007

With love from a very humid Buenos Aires

Hello all, here I am in Buenos Aires sharing some of Isha's words from the other day...

"The intellect always wants control. It wants to box something, it wants to control something; it wants to put everything in order, because then it feels comfortable. You can tell humans anything, and even if they don't understand, it will appease their minds - it's like, Oh, ok, ah. That's why humans like belief systems - because they want to hold onto something, because they need to have an intellectual idea about how everything is. Consciousness has nothing to do with that. If someone tries to teach you about consciousness, it's not consciousness. It's experiential; love is experiential. God is experiential. It's beyond the intellect - that's why we have religions and bibles and torahs, because someone is trying to explain that which is impossible to explain, through a mind based in duality. Why doesn't it work? Because what they are trying to describe is union. But the mind is desperate; it has to understand, it has to understand, it has to understand; it's impossible.
When we start to let go of the intellect, and we start to anchor in the experience of consciousness, we finally find permanent security. Why? Because consciousness is perpetual; it doesn't change. It's always there - it just grows. It's the only place where we can find true fulfillment, because it's real. It's an energy. It's infinite."

Beautiful, isn't it? I don't know if you have all read "Consciousness Revolution" but from some of your comments, I see that some of you are not familiar with the richness of these conversations Isha shares with her students. If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it, it's the kind of book you will want to have always close to hand, so you can open it at any time in any place, however you are feeling, and you will receive the clarity you need in that moment. Isha speaks to the heart; every one of us is unique, but Isha's words speak to all of our hearts. When you listen to her, it is impossible to interpret her words with the intellect, because her words cause a short circuit; only the heart can understand, and the heart says, yes.
You can always find her book on amazon.com it's definitely an experience worth having.

Here in Buenos Aires wonderful things are getting ready to happen, I already mentioned some of them... there is so much enthusiasm from the people signed up for Isha's seminar, and when next weeks article comes out in La Nacion, it will be much greater. Not everybody knows about the social work Isha and her teachers do through our foundation, unless they go into our section on the website, but the amount of work we do is extensive. The media often reflects the more superficial aspects of our work, or the most sensationalist, but they are now beginning to take greater interest in our social work, which is wonderful. The next few months are going to be very special in this aspect: just the other day we received a request from the inmates in Mexico City who are practicing the system, requesting to meet with Isha and share their experiences of inner growth. So beautiful!
In the last conference we gave in Mexico, a young man came up to us to get his book signed, and proudly told me that he had learnt the system when he was in prison. He told us that he had been freed that monday, and that he was coming on the weekend to repeat the seminar with Isha! It gives me goosebumps and tears come to my eyes when I remember it... it is such an example of the potential for change that is available to us all: to leave that life and live things anew, with a totally different inner experience... and every one of us feel like prisoners in some aspect, yet it is possible to experience freedom within our hearts, ad from there, in everything.

Well that's all for today, I'll leave you now as I have alot to do...

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