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Friday, September 7, 2007

Early morning in Carrasco


These last few days have been full of activity, With meetings and so many things happening that I haven't had time to write, but it's such a pleasure for me to share the latest news with you all. The other day we had a lovely television interview in Montevideo. It was nice to find out that the producer who had organized the interview receives our blog, and when the program was over he came up to thank us and Isha gave him a copy of her book. I'm sure he is enjoying it and will surely join us in the next seminar in "La I", on the 29th and 30th of september.

Right now it's 6.30 am and I'm in Carrasco Airport, having a cup of tea while I wait for my flight, which has been delayed a couple of hours. I'm taking advantage to catch up with all of you. On the way here the taxi driver was telling me how important our presence has been for the region, and what a special and privileged place we chose to build our center. He asked me what it was like when we moved from Santa Marta, Colombia, and it was such a distant memory for me: it was incredible, as if we have always been here!

And just like we were saying the other day to one of the local authorities from the Endurance racing Association, Isha chose this spot thanks to her horses. Crestula and Merlina (Isha's stallion and my mare) were living in the "La Perseverancia" horse stud, here in Costa Azul, and we came to visit them whenever we could. It turned out that one day, galloping down the beach, we past an old abandoned hotel whose melancholy state left a distant trace of forgotten grandeur, and we wondered aloud, hmmm... I wonder if it's for sale? We began to ask around. Our time at Santa Marta was coming to an end: there was no more space for growth, the place was too small by that point and the rent was going up steadily, and we found out that yes, it was available. From then on, everything continued flowing more and more. And here we are!

Today a magazine called Mujer Unica is coming out in Buenos Aires, with an interview with Isha. I'm not sure if anything else is coming out over the weekend, but on monday morning we have a tv show with Carmen Barbieri, she is adorable! Maybe this time she will learn the system, and then, I just received confirmation last night that we will go to give a conference in the womans prison in Ezeiza, in preparation for the seminar Isha will give there in November, and Gente Magazine and La Nacion Newspaper are going to be there to interview Isha. Fantastic! It's wonderful that the media is supporting this work, and how wonderful it is when human beings, no matter where they are, are open to inner change.

Isha also received and invitation from a Venezuelan magazine do be a columnist, I'll tell you more about that soon...

We have had lots of meetings over the last few days, focusing alot on the TTs, who together with the people who are doing our six month self healing course are very focused, committed to lovingly healing everything that keeps them from happiness, from loving themselves and experiencing peace, and they are all growing so much. It's beautiful! Sometimes tears flow spontaneously down my cheeks, when they make important shifts or healing something deep. It's like watching a seed growing into a flower in an instant, so radiant!

Here I am going to share with you something that Isha was sharing in these meetings.

"You have to be focused, or else you can keep doing the same thing for eternity. It's about choices, it's not about the keys. The keys are the instruments that bring everything up to the surface, but the choices are yours. You can use the keys for eternity, but not make choices to surrender, to enlighten. Make no mistake: surrender is the key to enlightenment. No one wakes up without surrender. And the surrender is to consciousness. I surrender what is left of myself to consciousness. Because I don't need my "self", I don't need the limitation. I don't need the things that hold me small when I want to unify with everything. It's a focus; it's a focus… or else it's a waste of time. It's just more of the same in a different outfit. Not many people can do this. I don't thing anywhere in the world there is something as difficult as this, nor anything as precious as self-realization. But it's a focus, and you have to have a desire, a passion, and your focus has to be inwards, not on external things."

Isha was sharing this with the teachers trainees and her older teachers, emphasizing the importance of desire and the passion of the heart to embrace the truth, unconditional love, and how it is so big that it unites you with everything and it consumes you, and the peace and joy are so huge and so absolute, that the freedom you experience is impossible to describe. It was a moment of great intensity, great love.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll be able to continue tonight from Buenos Aires.


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  1. Hello Durga, it's disappointing that Santa Marta it's a distant memory for you since you lived so many special expanding experiences here.
    Hope you don't forget the people with whom you shared your experience here in Colombia.
    It sounds like a coincidence, I was hearing the song " My Heart Will Go On" Celine Dion when I read your blog note and I will like to dedicate it to you and Isha.
    Hugs and kisses,