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Friday, December 29, 2006

Isha, enlightened wisdom for the modern world

Isha is a modern visionary, an enlightened master whose message is touching thousands of people throughout the world.

As a contemporary woman who has reached the experience of enlightenment, often confused as a state of inner freedom only available to monks and mystics, her life's work provides concrete proof that inner freedom and unconditional love of self can be achieved by all, without having to abandon the commitments and conditions of everyday life.

In her new book "Consciousness Revolution", Isha demystifies all of the theories and ideas we have about life, love, and everything, with a simplicity and clarity that leaves little room for confusion.

Isha offers no belief system; she simply shares her own experience – the experience of someone who has broken through the illusion of duality and perceives the eternal truth that
ies beyond. Her vision for a world united in unconditional love can only be achieved, as Isha says, through our own self realization:

"When I heal myself, I bring peace to the world."

Throughout the text, the reader is often shocked and surprised: Isha's perception of life is strikingly different from the fears and limitations we have become accustomed to in the modern world, and many of the things she says have never been heard before. Isha follows no doctrine or creed, and is a cosmopolitan, witty woman: her dry Australian sense of humour and matter of fact personality contrast delightfully with the profound depths of her wisdom, which resonates powerfully in the heart of the reader.
At times harsh and abrupt, as she jolts the reader into wakefulness, at times as soft and loving as an innocent child, Isha sings her love for creation in the words she has woven through this book.

In Consciousness Revolution we find the absolute, unabridged truth of unified consciousness, presented by someone so down to earth, so real and direct, so honest and so grounded, that when we have finished reading, we can seriously entertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, enlightenment isn't some far off dream.

Maybe it really is our birthright.

Maybe it's the only reason we are here at all.

This is the Consciousness Revolution.

1 comment:

  1. This is a wonderfull message. Just to contemplate the real possibility that we can achieve total and absolute unified consciousness is a most powerfull message. When this message comes from someone that has made it true for herself, then I feel I can do it also. Just to ponder the real meaning of such a message and the possibility to get close and expose oneself to someone like Isha, is a mind-blowing possibility, an opportunity rarely available for us, latin americans. If, as it seems to be the case, she sees only god, everywhere and in everybody, then his vision must be powerfull enough to give us the rare oportunity to share his vision not for a momento but forever.

    I now see the power of "Satsang" with a woman like Isha, as the great and rare opportunity in a life time to join her in that vision.

    We all have had many obstacles in our life, since we came into this wonderfull world, that have made us separated and fragmented, not really knowing who we really are. We don't need the aditional obstacle of not believing we can really overcome separation and find total unified consciousness. To believe, really believe, we can do it and then have "Satsang" with someone that has made it, can be the event of a life time. The opportunity requieres total faith in ourselves. There is no room for doubts, and be under the gaze of Isha can give us this rare opportunity of total trust in ourselves.

    What a great thing!

    Thanks for being there Isha, thanks for being here in this beautifull continent.


    Jesus Cabral