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Monday, November 9, 2015

Isha Judd Meditation in New Jersey teached by a facilitator

Hi everyone!

Well on my first day back from Uruguay 11/01 after taking my facilitator month, my best friend had organized a yoga and meditation day in New Jersey.

So we went on a hiking yoga and meditation day, here you´ll see the pictures.

Some of the students had never done anything but they we're so open to learn, it was Magical!!! I was able to teach them the first facet and the feedback was unbelievable. Everyone LOVE IT. I was so happy to see the results and looking forward to doing more and more.

Now on the 15th we will have a day of practice and deepening, so if you already know the Isha Judd method, contact me to participate. Here is the info:

Nicolás Warren

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