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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Isha on the illusion of separation

The only thing that causes separation in the illusion is judgment. We have the judgment that there is good and bad, right and wrong, but its not true. It’s an idea of our human experience. In reality, in order to have duality, there has to be all the different extremes, but we judge aspects. But the things we hate the most about ourselves, or we judge about ourselves, or we’re not willing to accept within ourselves, are the things that affect us the most. So normally, in the “normal” world, or in the “normal” way of thinking, we remove ourselves. We move ourselves away from that; we are not that – that has nothing to do with me. But in a world focused on unconditional love, unity and absolute love of self, you walk towards that. You express, you feel, and you let go. Then gradually, or sometimes instantly, that will just fall, and you’ll embrace it. I have a saying that I’ve said since I was very young, because I noticed that everything I judged severely, I would either became, or marry! So it’s better just to move towards it, and to heal it! Let it go.

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