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Monday, November 10, 2008

Isha in Vancouver

We just had an incredible conference here in Vancouver. The public library was abuzz with energy, as 350 people gathered to receive Isha during her conference. The love was so tangible it was impossible not to feel it, and everyone left deeply moved.

Thanks to everyone who joined us here tonight!

Thanks also to Laura Lynn, for the beautiful and sensitive interview she gave with Isha, for the Daily Show. Look out for it on November 18th on Shaw TV!

Vancouver is such a beautiful city and with so many people clearly so passionate about expanding their consciousness, we are sure to be returning soon!

All of our love to all of you here in Canada

Sweet dreams

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  1. We were impressed with an event. Could not buy a book, as all of them were sold out.
    Offered to translate and publish a book in Poland. get back to me here or at latarnik@mac.com