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Saturday, December 15, 2007


What is the relationship between the body and consciousness?

When we create separation, we have individual bodies and we perceive these bodies as being who we are, but they are not who we are. We are the totality of everything; every person, every body, every aspect of the entire illusion. We create separation and within this body, we program the separation, so that we vibrate on lower frequencies. We start to hold onto toxins, we start to record things in our hard discs that make our consciousness dense. We don’t experience the greatness of who we truly are. And then we start to heal the separation, and part of that is releasing and elevating the nervous system. So that’s why we remove the stress; that’s why we remove the toxins, so we can vibrate on a higher frequency, and when we start to vibrate on a higher frequency, we start to sustain permanent consciousness. Ultimately, the body is to create separation, so we can have this beautiful experience called the human experience, which we all love! As you know, in the first portal, the second judgment that we heal is that there is something wrong with my body; because it’s not true, there’s nothing wrong with this body – it’s perfect exactly as it is.

What is the difference between surrender and resignation?

Surrender comes from joy. It comes from a joy and a respect towards a higher consciousness. That’s surrender. Surrender wants something; it wants consciousness, and it admits to itself that it doesn’t know everything, that it’s seeing through a window that isn’t clean. So you surrender to a master, and it’s very hard for people to do that, because people have a perception or an idea of how the master should be. But all the masters are different; there is no formula, there’s just love. Different masters may serve in different ways, but they’re all leading towards the same point; towards self-realization; your self-realization. So one of the aspects of surrender is to the master. The other aspect is to the moment. You surrender to the moment, so that you’re not being plagued with control and fear and suffering, you just keep letting go and choosing for the love, letting go, choosing for the love. But you do it from a place of joy… why? So I can be more love. There has to be a point in my life where I let go of the control. If you want to experience absolute freedom, you have to surrender. That’s the key to enlightenment; surrender: you let go of your attachment; your need to be right, your control, your idea of how things need to look. You surrender from a place of innocence and you just keep letting go, letting go, letting go. If you want to self realize, it’s impossible without surrender. Surrender is the key to enlightenment. Surrender. So, you surrender with joy. It’s not passivity, it’s not like Oh well, this is my lot; no. It’s from a joy. Maybe I can’t see in this moment, but I will see. Or I express what I feel and I let it go; more surrender. I think you should be like this; and I let it go. More surrender. Surrendering all your ideas, all your belief systems, your need to be right, so you can experience the absolute. You know what the irony is? You can surrender to anything; anything. Because nothing can affect god. You can surrender to an idiot; it won’t affect you… it’s probably better not to, but you can, because nothing can affect you. You just keep letting go! What are we letting go of? The false “I”. The idea of who I think I am. I’m like that. You start letting go of that. That’s what holds you in a box, that’s what stops you from being the totality, from experiencing the totality. And that experience is impossible to conceive of intellectually. You cannot understand consciousness with your little head; it’s impossible. You just have to keep letting go. The key is surrender, and anyone can do it. If Durga did it, anyone can!

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